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Origin of "KAKI"

We're naming "KAKI" from fruit "persimmon".
There was a deep relation in a persimmon and Japanese more than ancient times.
The society of "manufacturing" which was also former Japanese advantage,
I'll appeal to a person of the world again.


To the thing that represents Japan.

Our company's logo mark of KAKI is a motif of "fruit persimmon". From ancient times there was a deep relationship between fruit persimmon and Japanese people. Contributing to the society of "manufacturing" which was also the strength of Japan once We wish to enrich the lives of people around the world.


The beginning when I used the currently used power supply equipment in LED lights as the LSI semiconductor power source is that the vending machines and pachinko machines used electricity too much, the Tokyo metropolitan Governor of Tokyo related to the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11 Speech is attributed. From the beginning KAKI - LSI · LED power supply is an idea from the idea of ​​eco - reduction of power consumption. By spending 4 years, we can cut about 25% power consumption by 24 V LED power supply, secondarily, it is not condenser less, big noise cut, drastically cuts manufacturing cost, lifetime is about 4 times compared with the past , Heat generation was suppressed, so heat sinks were unnecessary, and miniaturization resulted in realization of flexibility of lamp design. This 24V, KAKI-LED power supply of 100V, 200V which is about to be completed in the future is technology unique to Japan based on a combination of old analog technology and current 1T technology. It is a technology that affects the entire world as well as Japan, I think that it is also an IOT technology that connects objects and IT. This product was completed with the idea transformation to change the switch power supply system which converts the exchange which was considered natural from the viewpoint to direct current to the method of controlling the exchange by our experienced engineering group. We will continue to improve and create home appliances, personal computer power supplies, power supplies for automobiles, its peripheral equipment based on a novel idea innovatively improving LED power supply.

CEO Fujimoto Takayoshi


company name KAKI Co., Ltd.
Street address 3F Ichii Bldg 2-26-5 Nishinippori Arakawa-ku Tokyo Japan 116-0013
Tel +81-3-3891-5296
Establishment April 17, 2017
CEO Fujimoto Takayoshi
Business contents Manufacture and sale of semiconductors