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KAKI's new technology created


Revolutionary "New LED Drive"

We succeeded in developing the new power supply "KAKI · LSI" for LED lighting from Japan. It is an LED power supply (patented product) that can be deployed around the world, and it is a product rich in economy, novelty, originality. In the existing fluorescent lamp structure, the fluorescent substance consists of a glass tube coated inside the tube and electrodes attached to both ends. Enclosed gas (argon or mixed rare gas) of 2-4 hPa (1 atm is about 1,013 hPa) and a small amount of mercury gas are contained in the glass tube for easy discharge. As the internal temperature reaches approximately 10,000 degrees because it generates heat during light emission, it deteriorates with aging mainly by heat, life is estimated to be around 10,000 hours, but KAKI has created a technology to improve it .


Our technology will "make effective use of limited resources" and support the rich lives of people.


Key Features of KAKI-LED Drive Comparison with the power supply of the existing product LED drive

"Electrolytic capacitor" not required

"Long service life" 80,000 hours to 100,000 hours

"Low heat generation" heat dissipation material not required

"Energy saving" Reduction by 30% compared with the existing product

"Low price" The number of parts is fewer than existing products

"Miniaturization" Because it made LSI


KAKI · LED drive technology has already acquired domestic patent. KAKI · LED drive technology has already applied for international patents.


The technology of KAKI-LED Drive is exactly "A horse comes from a gourd". Everyone is aware of it, but no one has handled it.